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15 Jun 2011

Why not head to the theatre?

Don't worry about shows being too expensive for you. The Vincentfund offers for The Oxford Playhouse and the Chelsea Theatre are ongoing for carers and their families... so first study the programmes at...

- to see if there is anything that you fancy going to.

Then contact [email protected] and we will try to get you free tickets! There are also regular offers of free tickets from...

- so please look there too.

We still have backstage tours and free writing workshops available at The Oxford Playhouse - and lots of people are interested! - so put your names and e-mail addresses down soon to avoid missing out. We need to get a group together.

And do not forget to book for SACRED IN TRANSIT (see 25/5/2011)

Keep on visiting us to enjoy new episodes in the fantastical life of Vincent McKeown and to pick up on the latest theatre news!

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