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18 Oct 2011

Thanks to the generosity of Chelsea Theatre, the Vincentfund is proud to offer free and discounted tickets to carers and their disabled relatives and friends. See below for details, contact us on [email protected]

NOVEMBER 22-28 2011

This November, SACRED, Chelsea Theatre's renowned exploration of live art and contemporary performance returns once again with a jam-packed programme. There’s a heady Brazilian twist in the mix plus dynamic new work from UK-based artists including performances, film screenings, talks and symposiums.

SACRED is no longer a season but is instead, seasonal, with programmes of events scattered throughout the year and further exciting developments to be announced. There's a special international link with Brazilian artists based at Sergio Porto in Rio de Janeiro this November with a return visit from SACRED perennial, Gustavo Ciriaco. The renowned Brazilian dance artist Thelma Bonavita brings her UK premiere Eu Sou Uma Fruta Gogoia (I am a Gogoia Fruit) to the UK inspired by Gal Costa’s famous folk song twenty nine years after she recorded it, on November 26th & 27th, 8pm and Dorothy’s Shoes pays homage to Brazil via the interactive world premiere Flying Down To Rio, late night on November 25th, 10pm, an interactive installation / performance based around a ‘dancehall’ theme, offering a reflection on cultural tourism.

UK-based artists Martin O'Brien, Gillie Kleiman and Joseph Mercier get at times uncomfortably physical on November 24th as part of the world premiere of Threesome - a themed night of their individual and intimate work examining body issues in a SACRED sense. All three pieces: Mucus Factory at 7pm and the double bill of Ophelia is Not Yet Dead and Giselle (or I’m too Horny to be a Prince) at 8pm promise to be provocative and sensual in turn.

Bristol’s Action Hero return, heroic as ever, with a London Premiere of Frontman on November 8pm. The duo perform a brazen, half-cut version of a faded comeback gig, balanced between euphoria and a car crash...

Francesca Millican Slater presents her signature take on the fascination of an old postcard, Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs for a Saturday matinee on November 26th at 1pm and later on that night following Thelma Bonavita’s 8pm performance, none other than David Hoyle, in conjunction with Club de Fromage, once again graces the SACRED stage for some hilarious, dark and dangerous cabaret, 10pm - for one night only!

As a build up through November to the programmed live events Bryan Lobel will be mailing to members of Chelsea's audience copies of his own special limited edition postal performance, Or Else Your Friends Will Have To, exploring in a lighthearted way, the rituals of mourning, memory and music. Closing this heady mix on Monday 28th, after a year spent dazzling European audiences with their blend of post-romantic melodrama on the piano, Othon & Tomasini with Impermanence at 8pm will return to London for as sonic sensual mix of death baroque and 50s pop! All this plus more to be announced, film screenings, early career artists on tap and Talking With Your Mouth Full on Monday 28th at 6pm for the under 25s, courtesy of Arts Admin.

Chelsea Theatre, 7 World's End Place, London SW10 0DR 020 7352 1967

"Chelsea Theatre’s bathing in the warmth of contemporary Brazilian performance this year. Chilly Chelsea will have its temperatures nicely raised by artists like Gustavo Ciriaco and the glamorous Thelma Bonavita." Francis Alexander, Artistic Director of Chelsea Theatre

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