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Welcome to Crossroads Care's Vincent Project! Every month there will be a new instalment of Vincent's fantastical graphic biography and a fresh poem of his released. Subscribe to get the latest episode of Vincent's doings in your inbox. Look out for offers of free tickets to arts events - or offer them yourself, if you are able.

Latest News

(29 May 2012) Oxford Playhouse are running a really special project this summer which is taking theatre and general fun out to the Oxfordshire community in a colourful pop up tent. They already have some dates/locations in the diary but would really like to hit some more places, the following in... more >
(14 Mar 2012) Follow the Vincentfund on Twitter too! Just click on... @Vincent_Fund... more >
(15 Dec 2011) Thankyou to the Oxford Playhouse for very kindly providing tickets for five carers' families to see Peter Duncan's brilliant MOTHER GOOSE on the second of January 2012 - Merry Christmas! more >
(14 Dec 2011) The Vincent fund and Oxfordshire Crossroads are delighted to offer free tickets for Mother Goose at The Oxford Playhouse in January. Please ring Ainsley on 01865-260280 for more details more >
(19 Oct 2011) The Vincent Fund would like to say a big thankyou to the Reuben Foundation for their kind donation!... more >
(18 Oct 2011) Thanks to the generosity of Chelsea Theatre, the Vincentfund is proud to offer free and discounted tickets to carers and their disabled relatives and friends. See below for details, contact us on [email protected] NOVEMBER 22-28 2011 This November, SACRED, Chelsea Theatre's renowned exploration of live art and contemporary performance... more >
(17 Oct 2011) The Vincentfund would like to say a big thankyou to the JP Getty Jr. Foundation for its very generous support.... more >
(1 Oct 2011) Thanks to the kindness of Oxford Playhouse the Vincent Fund is offering backstage tours. Come and see how a theatre works! Contact [email protected] for details.... more >
(21 Aug 2011) The Vincentfund would like to thank Richard Lawrence of Hurst Street Studios for very kindly helping us to provide Summer printing workshops for young carers We are also most grateful to Barry Grinham of Prime Energy Camps (see our GENEROUS BEARDS section) for offering free places to young carers on his amazing activity camps for this October... more >
(5 Aug 2011) The Vincentfund is organising a Young Carers (under 14) event in the University City of Oxford for the October half-term holiday. The event will offer fitness, writing and drama workshops, and even a guided tour of Oxford's friendly ghosts! And it is free. To reserve your place, please e-mail [email protected] or phone Shaun on 01865 ... more >
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